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In the company's blueprint, customers are treated as the cooperative partners who Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., works with, instead of merely “customers in the sense of a bargain relation.” Therefore, the members in Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., work hard and expect to grow stronger with their partners so the best profits and a win-win situation can be created solidly. Under years of experience, Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., believes that its best advantage is its R&D team which based in Taiwan so the customers will be offered immediate feedbacks to their problems in time. That is, Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., Ltd can bring its clients unexpectedly formidable advantages on the basis of its experiential R&D team, and efficient solutions.

  Quality Assurance  

Harmony Taiwan always seeks to bring its customers the perfect presentation of sound. Hearing is the subtlest sense among human's organs while any refined influence, whether from mechanical or external environment will change the sound we hear. Based on this understanding, Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., provides products ranged from woofer, midrange to tweeter, and even to such complicated sorts as bass-midrange and bass-tweeter. As a result, the strict quality control becomes a crucial skill in this enterprise.

Its abundant experience accumulated through the past twenty years allows Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co., Ltd. to know that the stability in the production process will directly affect the quality of products. When facing every step during the production, all of its employees will hold the most meticulous attitude toward it.

In the future, there will be a never ending mission for Harmony Taiwan Electronic Co—to create great speaker systems and finest solutions fulfilling people's deepest desire in hearing beautiful sounds.